Why becoming contributing member of FrancoGrid Association?

The free access to the grid hides annual servers fees. 

30 euros per year keeps the grid online and help  to participate in decisions and guidance of the activities of this grid as well as to its development.

Becoming a member means you act in, and for the grid!

FrancoGrid is a non-profit association under 1901 law.  

The associatve project is: 

- Provide free access to a francophone Metaverse,

- Promote the use of OpenSimulator and other related software, and its various applications in the field of social, educational, scientific, ergonomic, cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure etc.

- Inform the organization of events, meetings and exhibitions,

- Promote collaboration and exchange of information between members,

- Maintain a grid with free access for interconnection simulators hosted on external server or at home. The association prohibits proselytizing, political or religious affiliation, and any discrimination among the criteria defined by the legislation in force (age, sex, disability, ethnicity etc.), ensures compliance with this principle and guarantees freedom of awareness to each of its members

Running the association: 

Any member may apply responsibilities. Thus, the elected administrators represent them for the best.

Its important to understand the meaning of the commitment, the time and resources they give to the benefit of everyone.

Finally, the gratuity offered is the resultant product of annual memberships. The question of membership when you become a regular user is useful because the most abundant financial support FrancoGrid has , the more powerful becomes the grid..

FrancoGrid lives through your memberships.

Associative project and membership