Fest'Avi 2016 - Call for participation


“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Albert Einstein


Not less than 36 avatars created by you during the last two editions.
They were freely disseminated through the metaverse. A real pleasure to see them as they were presented or modified to suit your needs and for your pleasure!
For this third edition, we rely on your desire to show your knowhow, ingenuity and creativity; you may be a novice or not, we all remember this unique avatar that we would love to "dwell" for a beautiful virtual breakaway.
Participate in Fest'Avi is like saying that the big Metaverse under OpenSimulator is different: the common goods and the sharing are the essential components of this spacetime.
Fest'Avi reinforces our spirit for sharing cared objects , inspired, attractive and aesthetic.
That is a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the third edition of this great celebration of the common goods around the avatar: Fest'Avi 2016.
The call for participation is open to all.
Your creations will be presented in a striking and unique evening at FrancoGrid,region Fest'Avi, June 4th, 2016 at 21.00.
Note now this event in your calendar that you do not want to miss!

Creators, audience, photographers, machinimists, we promise you  the enchantment!

Registration and creations delivery :

1/ Registration of the participants by note :

"I confirm my participation in Fest'Avi 2016 as creator. I have read and accepted the rules" + creator name + name of the grid where he is resident.

2/ Deposit areas of your registration's notecard :

- Inworld:send a notecard to Cherry Manga or Praline B.

 - FrancoGrid's Forum

- Facebook Fest'Avi page

- Google + 


- The avatars will be given full perms.

- The choice of themes, categories and numbers of avatars presented are free.

- The PG (all public) and adult standards are authorized with this condition and reserves:

**The so-called "PG" standard (every public) is defined as follows: no vulgarity , no suggestion of violence, no profanity, no genitals exposed, no weapons (avatars dedicated to role plays will be presented without their weapons, but their weapons as accessories may be presented separately).

Only general public avatars will be allowed in the official selection of FrancoGrid for the actualization of the proposition of avatars for the first connection.

** For the so-called "Adult" standard : The child avatars are strictly prohibited in this category.

- Minimum composition of the avatar: Avatars should include (at minimum) a shape, a skin, eyes, hair (essential elements)

- Avatars must be original creations, the collaboration between designers is possible. The use of sculpties, meshes, textures or any other open resources is permitted if reworked and indicate the sources.

- The copybots will be disqualified.

- All creation must be under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International).

- The complete avatar folder will be boxed and named:

your username + the title of the avatar and her outfit +license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Ex: "John Doe" - "Ruth Avatar"

- FrancoGrid take the right in the PG category , for a official proposition of Avatars proposal in the first connection category for his web page.

- All delivered avatars are under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license with all right on Avater region.

- The end date for the inscription and the presentation of your creations is fixed for the date of March 31, 2016 at midnight French time (GMT +1.00)

- Participants authorize, by their entry, the use of their creations under a Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by FrancoGrid association making them available to its users on the FrancoGrid grid.

Participants while registering agree with conditions of participation set out above and agree to respect the FrancoGrid's CGU.


Fest'Avi 2016