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How to subscribe to the association ?

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Presentation of the associative project

In the article 2 of its statuts (goals) has defined its project like this :

  • Offer a free (as beer) and free (as in speech) to a francophone metaverse.
  • Promote the use of OpenSimulator and other related software and its different applications for social life, educative, scientific, ergonomic, cultural, artistic, ludic, hobbies, etc...
  • Inform on the events organisation, mettings and exhibits.
  • Support the collaboration and exchanges between the members.
  • Maintain a grid with free access for the interconnexion of simulators hosted on external servers or at home. The association  forbids itself any prosélytism, any political or confessional affiliation and all discrimination among the actual french legislation defined by the law (age, sex, handicap, ethny etc.), ensures respect for this principle and guarantees freedom of conscience for each of its members

The functioning of the association

To implement this project, its operation was revised in December 2012 and validated at an extraordinary general meeting (new bylaws), and is based on a bottom-up principle, ie users to directors.

Thus, any adhering member can apply for the responsibilities, but also the directors elected from among them represent them as best as possible.

Although membership in the association is not mandatory, and it is possible to link its region to the grid and use it freely while respecting the TOS, it is important to know about the project and The actors who animate it (not only the administrators but most members and users), understanding the sense of the commitment of the latter to give their time and resources for the maximum benefit of each.

Finally, the free offer is not subsidized, it is the result of the product of the annual membership of the members and the user partners, this is the reason why to ask the question of the membership when one becomes a regular user Is not unnecessary, as more financial support abounds, the more the power of the grid can increase (financing of its servers).

Membership and contributions

You can choose to become member or partner.

The contribution to become a member is 30 euros for a year (thirty euros).

The contribution to become a partner is 100 euros for a year (a hundred of euros).

To adhere, follow this link.

To discover partnership, follow this link.

To become a partner, follow this link.

We are attentive to any support proposition, do not hesitate to write us for any complementary information.  

Good life in Francogrid !


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