Charter of good conduct FrancoGrid

Welcome to the FrancoGrid's world. The rules to apply are simple : treat the others with respect and follow the Terms Of Service of the FrancoGrid's grid of which this text is an integral part.

These rules of good conduct are part of the additional conditions to the conditions of use of FrancoGrid and constitute a binding contract between Francogrid and you applicable to your use of the Services.

By using the services of FrancoGrid, you agree to abide by the following rules :

  1. Tolerance
    Any action that marginalizes, debases or defames the person or a class of persons, any discriminatory, contemptuous or insulting references or allusions to race, sex, religion or sexual preference is prohibited.
  2. Non harassment
    Given the myriad possibilities in a virtual world, harassment can take many forms. Excessive language or behavior, intimidation or threat, inappropriate or insistent sexual propositions, and anything that is intended to create trouble or fear, will be considered harassment and are strictly prohibited.
  3. Non-agression
    Pushing or shoving a person repeatedly, creating or using scripts that target another person in a repeated and deliberate manner is strictly prohibited.
  4. Protection of private life
    Each user is entitled to the protection of his / her privacy. Disclose personal information about another user, such as identity, gender, religion, age, family situation, race, sexuality, actual habitat, beyond what the user has decided himself To publish in his profile, constitutes a violation of privacy. Spying private conversations, publishing or disclosing them without the agreement of the persons involved is also prohibited.
  5. Tranquility
    Every user has the right to live in his / her virtual universe in complete peace. The interruption of meetings or shows, unsolicited and repeated advertising, the use of repetitive sounds, pursuing or self-replicating scripts, or any other objects that deliberately slow down the servers or have a clear purpose to disturb others users are prohibited.
  6. Reporting harmful or illegal behavior and actions
    In addition to complying with the rules of conduct defined above, you agree to report to FrancoGrid:
    1. Any person using, downloading, indicating by chat, instant message or mail, or otherwise transmitting content that violates the rights of third parties
    2. Any person who would impersonate an identity without consent or attempt to impersonate an official of Francogrid
    3. Any person who has a notoriously repetitive behavior that may be considered by FrancoGrid to be harmful, ie involving threats, defamatory, vulgar or obscene, racist, pornographic
    4. Any person using, downloading, typing by chat, instant message or mail, or otherwise transmitting content containing any virus, trojan horse, worm, spyware, scripts, or any programming routine designed to damage a system or intercept data
    5. Any person who uses, downloads, indicates by chat, instant message or mail, or otherwise transmits content that infringes privacy rights
    6. Any person using, downloading, indicating by chat, instant message or mail, or otherwise transmitting unsolicited promotional or advertising content (spam, chain mail, pyramid scheme), or any other form of solicitation that FrancoGrid may Consider abusive
    7. Any person attempting to interfere with the normal functioning of the service, violating the terms of use of the service or any other related conditions, or attempting to access another user's account or password
    8. Any person tempting, abusing, abusing, harassing another user.


  1. Warning
    In the event of non-compliance with the Terms, a warning will be sent to the person (s) concerned.
    This rule reminder will not automatically cause the service to be deleted.
  2. Suspension
    In the event of repeated breaches, serious or repeated violations of the Terms, the accounts may be suspended for a term at the discretion of FrancoGrid.
  3. Closure of accounts
    In the event of an excessive, repeated, manifest violation of the Terms or laws and regulations, the accounts may be permanently closed at the discretion of FrancoGrid.