Web regions

The web site can generate "web régions".

The web regions can be used using the OpenSIm.ini parameters located in the [Startup] section :

region_info_source = "web"
regionload_webserver_url="url of the xml file"

The regions are usually stored in an ini file located in the "Regions" folder of the simulator.

The web regions are allowing the backup of the regions definitions somewhere else to have more flexibility on this side.

More infos : http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Configuring_Regions#Loading_from_the_web

For sure, nothing is forbidding you to generate files for regions outside of FrancoGrid...

To see your web regions files, go to the tab "Grid" then "Web regions" of your user profile on the web site.

After creating the "web region", you will be able to see the link to the xml file.

Web region bunch

We can add only one region by "web region" so if your simulator contains more than one region, you can create a "web region bunch".

You need to first create every region separately and then create a "bunch" in wich you gather the desired regions.

Then you give the link to the xml of the bunch to your simulator.


Little tip : There are two optional parameters available in the url of the resulting xml : 

  • "InternalPort" allows to change the port of the region without having to reedit the region.
  • "ExternalHostName" allows to change the ExternalHostName of the region without having to reedit the region(this parameter is encoded in base64 ).

Example of use : http://francogrid.org/grid/webregions/1234/xml?InternalPort=123&External...